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Article : Becoming invisible the cartoons way

Fred and Barney : The Flintstones

Barney becoming invisible

One of the many funny things you can notice on almost any animated cartoons is the way you become invisible. Well, if there is many ways to become invisible, one thing remains... your clothes become invisible too. :)

In this episode of The FlintStones ( Barney the Invisible ), Fred gives a kind of potion supposed to cure Barney. Poor little Barney, he's got the hiccups. In fact, furious attack of hiccups. Anyway, when Barney drinks the potion he becomes invisible and Barney's clothes too. Ain't it funny?

I'm sure you've notice it many times in various cartoons. Fred puts a cap on Barney's head but this cap doesn't become invisible? Why the clothes but not the cap? May be the clothes have to be on you when you become invisible?

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