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Pink shirt, blue jeans and brown faux Birkenstock clogs... That is Meg!

Meg typically wears a beanie-like hat and glasses. She also commonly wears a pink shirt, blue jeans and brown faux Birkenstock clogs. She is slightly shorter than her younger brother Chris. Meg is self-conscious about her appearance: "I'm so fat and gross.") She possesses a tummy bulge, which is only noticeable when she is seen in profile. Also, most people consider her unattractive, with the exceptions of Glenn Quagmire, Neil, Ron (a single-episode teenage character), and Mayor Adam West. Her plain appearance is often used for comedy, as many characters on the show react to her as if she were horrifically ugly: in "Don't Make Me Over", two people drench themselves in gasoline, light themselves on fire, and jump headfirst out the nearest window screaming in horror after simply looking at her; and in "Long John Peter", Chris lifts up Meg's shirt in order to get Brian to vomit, which is immediately successful. Her supposed weight problem is a frequent comedy ploy, e.g.: after glancing at her, a carny weight-guesser limits his estimate to "a lot"; Stewie's disturbing mental image of her wearing low-rider jeans; her being mistaken for a sea cow after being caught in a fishing net at sea. Another running gag involves characters mistaking Meg for a boy. Meg was born with a tail, which was amputated shortly after her birth, and kept by her parents as a memento. Meg has also confided to having unusually large nipples.

Meg desperately tries to be part of the cool crowd, but is usually coldly rebuffed. Because of her eagerness for acceptance, she has been recruited unknowingly into a suicidal religious cult, and, later, recruited, again unwittingly, into her school's Lesbian Alliance. However, in some episodes, Meg is seen with a group of girls who are attending her slumber party and gossiping about boys. However, in later episodes, these girls are characterized as dateless, like Meg.

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