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Here is the lovely wife of Peter and the mother of three as lovely kids.

Lois's morals can seem questionable at times. Lois went through a brief period of kleptomania in the episode, "Breaking Out Is Hard to Do". She also showed a gambling addiction when the family went to an Indian casino in "The Son Also Draws", during the first season. Various episodes have hinted that Lois does drugs, but this is shown most clearly in "Deep Throats". She revealed that she smoked marijuana when she was pregnant with Stewie, a claim backed-up by series creator Seth MacFarlane on a DVD commentary.[citation needed] She also hints that she engaged in similar activities when a younger Meg was around.

In many episodes scattered throughout the series, Lois is also seen smoking cigarettes. In the episode "Stewie Kills Lois", Meg and Chris got her smokers toothpaste for her birthday. Lois also had an extramarital affair with former President Bill Clinton which resulted in the temporary separation between her and Peter, although the relationship was later rekindled after Peter himself engaged in a sexual liaison with Clinton.

In "A Very Special Family Guy Freakin' Christmas", she has a nervous breakdown when just about everything goes wrong, throws a destructive tantrum, and is subdued with a tranquilizer shot by a police sniper. Lois partially explains her role as a mother and homemaker by saying that feminism is about choice, and that she choose to not have a job and should not be stereotyped as a typical housewife. In the episode "It Takes a Village Idiot, and I Married One", she gets into an argument with Mayor Adam West and threatened to run for mayor of Quahog against him, winning the election over West. However, she eventually returned the job to him after discovering it was too difficult for her to ignore special interests and maintain her integrity while in politics. In "Mother Tucker", Peter starts tickling her after she catches him in the kitchen prank calling his mother. After repeatedly telling him to stop it, she hits him in the face with a frying pan and breaks his nose, showing no sympathy for him; Peter screams "I taste blood!", and Lois emphatically says "Well, there's a lot of it."

Besides her quirkiness and hidden talents, Lois has a strong sexual side as well, to the point where it could be assumed she has nymphomania. One instance finds her in a dominatrix outfit, another has her entering the bedroom dressed as the "Dirty" Grimace, while another episode has her reaching an emotional climax by yelling at Peter to slap her ass. Later, she role-plays the bad schoolgirl, asking Peter for a spanking. She even displayed a level of masochistic arousal once when Peter accidentally grazed her with a bullet from a handgun.

Lois also tends to deny even the most obvious things for various reasons and makes up several crazy excuses. It is only until after she runs out of excuses, or when someone else (often Brian) sharply intervenes, that she accepts something to be true. For example, in "The Fat Guy Strangler", she refuses to believe the increasingly-obvious fact that her brother is the Quahog Fat Guy Strangler, even after Brian shows that he has two fat men (one fully dead, one half-dead) and pictures of him strangling them in his room; it only took one sharp remark from Brian to snap her out of her denial and convince her that Patrick is dangerous.

She puts up with Peter's childish stupidity and hides how she truly feels about it, but at a hidden price; she has developed a brain tumor due to constantly repressing negative thoughts about having married a mentally retarded man, as revealed in "Petarded". Along with other jokes and subtle implications, this suggests that Lois is not entirely happy with her marriage. Nevertheless, Lois loves him very much since she knows how important she is to him.

Lois also has an interest in show tunes, having sang "Don't Rain on My Parade" from Funny Girl, "Steam Heat" from The Pajama Game, and "Sixteen Going on Seventeen" from The Sound of Music. Lois also directed a local production of The King and I, which Peter very loosely adapted by changing nearly everything in the script.

In the episode "Sibling Rivalry," when Peter is unwilling to have sex after a vasectomy, Lois channels her sexual frustration into eating and becomes fat. Peter's interest is eventually renewed and things heat back up in the bedroom until her unhealthy eating habits get the best of her. She suffers a heart attack and, during the surgery, the doctor removes her fat in order to "get to her heart", thus restoring her to her original size.

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